We have reached out to several home brew blogs and asked them to put our labels to the test.  Check out the links below to get their opinions on our reusable beer labels.


Brewers Friend

"it really makes that naked home brew bottle look ready for a night on the town. The label stays on great – even weeks later! It peels off easy, and goes back onto the original sheet with out a problem."



"The instructions also recommend putting the bottles in the fridge after applying the clings, because the moisture from the fridge will strengthen the bond. I put the bottle in the fridge and took it out a day later, and it did stick better, just as the instructions said.  Basically, these clings do everything they say they will."



"My rigorous testing involved a few scenarios. First off I just labeled them and let them sit in the fridge for a few days to see how they lasted. I have never dealt with a label like this so was ready for anything. In and out of the fridge with the inevitable condensation and they were totally fine! The labels really stay on VERY well."

 "My thoughts? I like the labels. I think it’s a great idea and for those who do a lot of bottling and like to present a good looking, professional bottle, this is definitely the way to go. They are easy to use and easy to re-use as well. They survived heat, cold and ice water with no problems."



"I put a label on a beer in the refrigerator and left it there for a couple weeks. The label adhered fine. I took it out of the refrigerator and made sure the label did not come off in the condensation. No problems. The hold was solid."



"While printed labels can be nice to add some customization, you just can't beat the ease of quickly applying a vinyl label"

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