Custom Upload Instructions

Your label images will be automatically rescaled to the appropriate size to fit on a 12” X 18” sheet. 


  • Your label file must be a JPG,JPEG,GIF, BMP, PDF or PNG
  • The maximum upload size is 4 MB, contact us if your file exceeds that limit.
  • No label can have a width greater than height.
  • Circle labels need to be an exact circle
  • All label images must be submitted on a white background or no background


  • For the best results, use the highest resolution possible.  Resolution set below 300 DPI may not yield the best results.
  • Please make sure your artwork is centered in the file you submit
  • Retangular Labels may require a slight width adjustment to fit apprpriately on the sheet, utilize our rectangle template as a guide for the best results possible

Note to Vector Art Software users (ie, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator):

At this time we are unable to accept your vector art in its native format (.ai, .cds) only.  The artwork does not always translate (gradients etc)properly between different programs or differnt versions.  In an effort to keep costs/prices low we are trying to keep the process as simple as possible.  For now please upload the art using one of the approved formats. You may also email the ai/cds file to  If the native file looks okay we will use it.  Adoble Illustrator users please use the option to save as cds file if possible.   If this changes in the future we will send an email to all of our customers.  However, we'd like to share with you our label measurement settings so that your artwork will match up perfectly with our print templates.
Circle: 3.65" (12oz bottle), 4.9" (Growler), 4.75" (Bomber)
Rectangle: 3.7"H X 3.5"W (12oz bottle), 5.0" x 5.0" (Growler), 4.75H" X 4.0W" (Bomber)
Custom Shape: All custom labels are proportinally resized to a height of: 3.65" (12oz bottle), 5.0" (Growler), 4.75"(Bomber)

Cut Options: 

You’ll need to let us know where you would like us to cut your label.  Although our cuts are very accurate it is common practice to include a bleed area to accommodate a small margin of variation.  Upon ordering you will be asked to select one of the 4 cut options. Please note that in the examples below, the pink line represents the cut line and would not be printed.


Bleed Included:

This will be the most common selection.  Whatever color borders your label, add approximately 1/8” extra to your label.  When we cut, we will cut 1/8” into your bleed area.



White Border 1/4”:

Our printer does not print the color white, the unprinted white material takes care of that color for us.  If you want a white border around your label select this option.  We will format your label and make a cut leaving a 1/4” white border around the image you have submitted.



White Border 1/2”:

Our Printer does not print the color white.  If you want a white border around your label select this option.  We will format your label and cut leaving a 1/2” white border around the image you have submitted.



No Border:

Select this option if your label does not have a solid colored border.  We will take whatever image you have uploaded and cut 1\4’ into the image.  If there are any critical components to the label within 1/4” of the outside of the image than you may want to select one of the white boarder options

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